Yoga-Lab is a contemporary yoga studio offering professionalinstruction to those seeking balance of mind and body.


A Place to Nurture Minds, Bodies & Spirits.

At the unique eco-friendly studio in Hackney Central, we offer a full range of classes, workshops and courses for everyone. We hold classes with a maximum 10 people to ensure that all students feel that they are getting more of a personal experience to achieve their goals and to progress in their chosen practice. Our space has cork flooring, up-cycled furniture, antiques and a simplistic feel. It’s welcoming, light, comfortable and even has a small garden which you can enjoy a coffee before a class.

What makes us different from other yoga studios, is that during the day we are a hair and beauty salon, however in the mornings and evenings and all day Sunday and Monday, it transforms to a urban yoga studio. We have a great location by Hackney Central station on Graham Road making it really convenient and easy to experience the benefits of yoga in Hackney.

Our experienced local yoga teachers are unique from one to another, there are some teachers who want to embrace the urban surrounding, some who want to take you far away. The layout of the class can also change depending on size and preferences of the teacher. When the class starts, the blinds in the front of the space can be lowered for privacy or if you are feeling brave, can be kept open for all to see.

Visit us at Yoga-Lab and receive benefits from all our other services such as beauty, hair & nails. We also hire out the space for artist, book launches and many other events.

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